Dr. Nicole Cochran, Ed.D.

About Dr. Nicole Cochran, Ed.D.

Dr. Cochran is talented in connecting with team members where trust is built, significant moments are shared, diverse perspectives are respected, and where communication and collaboration are common.

With over 25 years working in education, non-profit and complex organizations as a director, professor, trainer and coordinator, her expertise lies in the practices of bias reduction, racial equity, diversity, and inclusion through a trauma informed lens while creating safe spaces for understanding and inclusivity.
Her facilitation style has been described as engaging, and honest with a dash of humor. This allows her to create connected groups through courageous, and at times, uncomfortable conversations. She has led workshops, professional development seminars, and community conversations to tear down walls and build bridges of understanding and connection. She is certified in Restorative Justice practices, and has a unique ability to collaborate with diverse, resistant, and combative groups. As a maximizer, Dr. Cochran is skillful at placing people in positions to leverage their strengths and abilities. Moreover, she has a talent for creating simple and reliable accountability markers through consistent evaluation and feedback.

What sets her apart from most leaders is the ability to serve others while meeting and effectively going beyond the requirements and expectations of the organization. Supervising programs provided Dr. Cochran with unique insight for working with people across intersecting lines for better collaboration, respect, and opportunities for change. Over her years of research and practice she discovered that innovative and thriving programs are developed in community. She has a proven success rate and can attest to the power of mentoring, community, stakeholder support and encouragement to spark the desire for individuals to flourish beyond difficult circumstances.

Dr. Cochran has been an advocate for social justice and social change for many years. She volunteers in communities that struggle with safety and poverty. Her desire is to advocate for the marginalized and support them where they are, whether it is unemployment, homelessness, youth equity in education, or fighting for justice. Her passion is people and serving them

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