Technical specifications

Compiling OS Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Source branch 2.13

Algorithm Scrypt Proof of Work and Proof of Stake
Coin name Fireants
Coin abbreviation ANTS
Public address letter A - B
Public address letter testnet 7
RPC port 33305
P2P port 33306
Block reward 100 coins
Block reward (PoS) 100 coins
Website URL
Github URL

Last PoW block block 1575000
Min. stake age 6 hours
Max. stake age Unlimited
Coinbase maturity 20 ( + 1 default confirmation) blocks
Target spacing 3 minutes
Target timespan 6 minutes
Transaction confirmations 3 ( + 1 default confirmation) blocks



FireAnts are little helpers!
In order to reduce 3D production and modelling costs, FireAnts token allow access to inexpensive services for everyone. FireAnts token are used as credit note for 3D engineering, 3D printing and production of 3D printed items. The FireAnts partners enable access to all kind of 3D printing related services at very bes...

Switzerland Address

FireANTS Crypto Inc.
Bahnhofplatz 2
CH-4133 Pratteln

Germany Address

FireANTS Crypto Inc.
Nollingerstr. 68
79618 Rheinfelden

United States Address
  • FireANTS Crypto Inc.
  • 339 West D Street Suite 1
  • US-Lemoore, CA. 93245


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