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What is FireANTS ?

FireANTS Crypto Inc. is a US-based company that uses state-of-the-art 3D imaging and blockchain technologies to create customized virtual worlds, NFTs, Avatars, and cashless wagering via its proprietary API Payment Gateway. The initial market is Native American and other sovereign nations, cashless systems for casinos gaming. FireANTS expands everyone’s digital presence

The company has six distinct areas from which to generate revenue:

Global API Payment Gateway

FireANTS Virtual Worlds

The FireANTS Virtual Worlds is completely backed by NFTs, not only avatars and objects, even the virtual spaces are NFT-backed and owned by the users.

Our Mission

FireANTS Crypto, Inc. supports cultural preservation and sovereignty! 

Languages, traditions can be preserved, and legacies can be recorded for eternity.

We promote the sovereignty of people by supporting projects that focus on:

FireANTS Crypto,  Inc. has created a new cryptocurrency platform, set to revolutionize the crypto space as it intends to create one system that can interact with Metaverse, NFTs, cashless systems, cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Switzerland Address

FireANTS Crypto Inc.
Bahnhofplatz 2
CH-4133 Pratteln

USA Address

FireANTS Crypto Inc.
5409 Verbena Creek Ct.
Las Vegas, NV 89131 

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